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Dr. Maya Bhatt

New KlimaCampus-Fellow:

Dr Maya Bhatt joined Prof. Jens Hartmann’s research team at the Klima Campus as a Research Fellow on February 1st. He will focus on the impacts of climate change on the Himalaya and on biogeochemical processes.
Maya did his MSc in Chemistry at Tribhuvan University-Nepal and his second MSc in Hydrospheric-Atmospheric Sciences at Nagoya University-Japan on a Monbusho Scholarship based on the UNESCO IHP Special Program. He obtained his PhD degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies with a focus on Water Resources Research – Water Quality and Biogeochemical Processes from the University of New Hampshire, USA. He worked at the same university in the field of Water Resources Research and Environmental Engineering as a Visiting Scientist, Visiting Scholar and Postdoctoral Research Fellow.
Maya also worked at the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute of Penn State University, USA, as a Postdoctoral Scholar. Maya has nearly two decades of research and teaching experience at different universities in the field of Water Resources Research, with a particular focus on water quality and aquatic biogeochemistry.

Dr. Bhatt worked in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Luquillo Mountain in Puerto Rico, one of the long-term ecological research programs of the US in collaboration with the International Institute of Tropical Forestry and the University of Puerto Rico, and estimated all forms of carbon and evaluated all regulating factors for chemical species within the watershed.
He worked in Nepal, Himalaya, and evaluated the impacts of global warming in the formation of glacier ponds or lakes and the chemistry of glacier meltwater. He also worked in the Himalayan River systems and estimated the flux of chemical species draining from the glacier outlet point and evaluated the chemical weathering processes. Maya has experience working in a pristine forested watershed to a heavily urbanized basin. He also has compiled weathering advance rates at different scales.